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Climate Candidates:

We catalyze climate champions to run for local and state office

Climate Candidates catalyzes climate champions to run for local and state office. The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time. And the science is clear – it is crucial we take climate action urgently before 2030. Local and state policy makers across the United States can make the kind of transformative changes we need in our cities and towns. And that leadership is determined by local and state elections, sometimes by just a handful of voters. 

That is why we need climate candidates elected at every level of office from school boards to state assembly offices.

Learn how to run

Learn all the basics of
running for office at the local level

Get to know peers

Meet people who like you are thinking about affecting change for good

Find your mentor

Get one-on-one support from your mentor on the road to election day


We are driven by our values.

About us

We are friends who banded together to help catalyze Climate Candidates to run for local office.

There is no entity behind us, we are 100% independent.

Katie Walsh

Rob Thomas

Max Gruenig

Tessa Lee