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Running on Climate: Before You Get Started

Highlights from Climate Candidates Accelerator –  June 2021

To kickstart the interactive sessions of the inaugural Climate Candidates Accelerator, Rob Thomas and Crystal Li lead a session designed to provide Climate Candidate Fellows with a stronger understanding of what they should know before considering a run for office. The session helped answer some key questions for fellows: when should you run for office, why you want to run, and what position you want to run for? The tools, strategies and perspectives shared were geared to help fellows identify who has power in the community, developing themes and principles for your campaign, leveraging community resources, network mapping, campaign messaging, fundraising and securing key support.

Understanding your local election process is essential to overcoming major hurdles and/or early stumbling blocks of a campaign. Leadership in local and state elections can sometimes be determined by just a handful of voters so learning about your State’s election system is important. 

As part of this opening session, Rob and Crystal also touched on the importance of knowing yourself, your community’s priorities and what it takes to make running on climate a winning issue. What candidates say and how they articulate their values matters most to constituents so ensuring that fellows understand the essential concepts/strategies discussed were one of the key takeaways of the Running on Climate session.