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Values Statement

  • We believe that climate change is the greatest threat to social justice, human rights and progress around the world;
  • We are committed to putting inclusive climate action at the center of decision-making, to create thriving and equitable communities for everyone;
  • We strive for realizing the Jemenez Principles as we work in our local communities;
  • We believe in an equitable transition that moves us away from fossil fuel extraction to a regenerative economy; 
  • Financial investments in infrastructure and clean energy should reflect these values;
  • That green jobs are a source of growth for the economy;
  • That communities of color, working class, and historically marginalized communities are centered in these actions and that resources are invested locally;
  • That communities are not being displaced as a result of climate and environmental action;
  • We acknowledge that we are on the traditional territories of the many indigenous people here in the Americas and;
  • And that we endeavor to protect water, air and land should be protected for future generations.